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The aim of finance NZ is to provide information about personal loans, home equity loans, car finance, mortgages and related issues.

List of Kiwisaver Providers:
    • AMP
      ANZ Bank
      Aon New Zealand Ltd
      ASB Group Investments Ltd
      AXA New Zealand
      Brook Asset Managemenet Limited
      Civic Assurance
      Craigs Investment Partners Limited
      Fidelity Life
      Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Limited
      Grosvenor Financial Services
      Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme
      Legal & Professional Investment
      Medical Assurance Society NZ Limited
      Mercer (NZ) Limited
      Milford Funds Limited
      Mutual Superannuation Fund Limited
      National Bank
      NZ Funds KiwiSaver Scheme
      New Zealand Harbours Superannuation Plan
      NZ Assoc. of Credit Unions
      NZ Anglican Church Pension Board
      OnePath KiwiSaver Scheme
      Professionals Group Holdings
      SBS Bank
      Smartshares Limited
      Staples Rodway
      SuperLife Ltd

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    List of Internet Banking Sites

    ASB Fastnet

    5 Year Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages as at 04/02/06

    National Bank7.80%